Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The unspoken rules of the internet

The common courtesy etiquette you should follow on any blog or any website for that matter. They are like a set of rules so please follow them.

If you are new or inexperienced in the cyber community you are likely to make a mistake and upset someone at least once. Remember when you converse electronically you are blind to other peoples body language. You cannot hear tone of voice, see gestures or Here are some guidelines to help you survive an online encounter and make the experience pleasant for you and other human beings participating in the same discussion.

1. Be polite. Offensive language, swearing or being confrontational online and can make the experience un-enjoyable for other people. Before posting anything of this manner think to yourself- Would I say this to a persons face? Treat everyone as an equal to yourself no matter how bad you may dislike them. If you have a problem with a certain participant it’s best to bring it up off the website, like through e-mail instead of the lowly act of public humiliation.
2. Would you say it in person? If you answered no to this question re-write your post and then submit it. You will end up with more friends and less enemies this way.
3. All rules in school… Apply to the internet. No fighting, no plagiarism, no purposefully offensive topics.
4. Stick to the appropriate website. Discuss topics relevant to the site you are on.
5. Respect other peoples time. Not everyone is going to be in the same time zone or on a high speed internet connection. Please keep topics that you could explain in a small paragraph to only that. No need to elaborate where it is not needed. Having to read through multiple posts of a generous length can be very time consuming.
6. No flaming. Flaming is described as expressing an opinion without holding back on emotion. The comments are often not based upon fact but out of anger.
7. Tell us what you have to say. Just like in school you are welcome to share your opinions, experiences and thoughts. The internet does not know skin hue, hair colour, weight, ethnicity or age. Representing yourself in a mature, collected manner will get you further in discussions. We care about spelling and grammar.
8. Be forgiving. Just like when working with horses we must learn to forgive them for their mistakes just like they forgive us for ours. Be forgiving of other peoples mistakes. Spelling, flaming, something said that was inappropriate can be forgiven. Remember: treat other people how you would like to be treated.

So there you have it. Of course there are a few more rules but they are more restricted to forums such as spamming or trolling. Need a definition of those? Look up urban dictionary

I am sure we all have stories about a big ***** on the internet that got his or her panties in a knot about something really stupid. Feel free to share.


Jo said...

Is this in response to something I did?

Sydney said...

No XD why?

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