Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer is wonderful

Even though it's not here yet I have been crazy busy. I feel bad I have been slacking in my writing. Work, university and everything I do between here and there has kept me away from my computer. Sunday was the first day in like 4

I didn't have time to eat lunch or grab one the other day so when I was done I ran to subway in town (our only fast food in this little hick town) and headed out to see Indigo.
I went into her part of the barnyard. She must have been around back the machine shed because I didn't get a neigh upon climbing over the gate.

So I wandered over and sat on the old silo foundation. I was contently munching my sub when I hear sniff...sniff...sniff...sniiiiiiiffffff. I turn to see this.
You know it's polite to share

Note how her mouth is half open. She was trying to seduce me to get some of that sub with a smile. Seduced by the cuteness!

She wouldn't have any of my sub but boy was she sure sniffing it like crazy. I am sitting there in the wind with a horse smelling my sub. I am trying at the same time to eat said sub. Oh my piggy girl don't you worry your little spotted butt. I could never forget you!

So she got a nice juicy apple, but not after I made her follow me around the old silo foundation. Everyone thinks it's hilarious that she follows me on top of the cement like this considering she was the horse when I did trail class that totally refused to walk over the wooden bridge....but she would back over it hahaha! The judges comments were always something along the lines of "interesting tactic on the bridge". Silly neigh.

Notice she follows me around a few times on the ground then decides it's a good idea to step up and follow me. She does a mean bevis and butthead "ehehehehehehhehe" laugh impression at me the whole time. You can barely hear it. I think it's the cutest thing ever! Her little nostrils go all aflutter with happy "You brought me food!" nickers.

Those cats were soaking up the sun that day. Also trying to get me to fork over some more food for them. The fluffy one in the beginning meowing it's head off is Fluffers, the only cat in the barn with a name. She is the softest, nicest cat ever. I wish I could make her into a house cat or find someone that want's a house cat like her. She would make some old lady very, very happy.

The other is a B&W that cracks me up. When he was a kitten he would constantly get into places and get stuck and when I rescued him he would hiss and spit his head off. Eventually he got over it and is usually the first or second cat (next to fluffers AKA: queen maow) to gallop over and receive pets or treats. Yes I treat my barn cats. It keeps them friendly and ensures I get no more grabbed eyebrows As you can see mr.B&W is lying next to where I am sitting in the sun on the silo foundation.
The other in the background is fluffers oldest daughter and the B&W's mom.

That silo. Well it was wooden. About oh....30ish years ago just after it had been packed with corn silage it fell over. Surprisingly because of how it fell the silage was all able to be used and did not mold or spoil. All that is left is the foundation which Indigo wanders around on regularly.

My pretty girl. I just love her mane. I remember the first time I ever seen her the first thing I said was "I want to braid her mane!"

I need someone to participate in my pay it forward.
Who doesn't like to recieve free things right? Even if you have done it before it's ok.

I'll leave you with something to think about:

The difficulty lies, not in new ideas, but in escaping the old ones- Unknonwn


Paint Girl said...

Love how Indigo just cruises around on the silo pavement! So cute! Indigo does have a pretty, long mane, Brandy's stays the same length all the time and Fritzy's is very long.
The kitty's are adorable! I love the black and whites.

Sydney said...

It's pretty funny seeing it considering it's basically a big cement donut.

I couldn't ever cut her mane. It's pretty but you should see the dreads it can get in the winter. Yeesh.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Oh Sydney, thanks for the tip on the fly mask...and that's such a cute trick you and Indigo do on the silo. I enjoyed the video! Thanks!

Sydney said...

No problem =D

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

We usually use Clinton Anderson's tie ring but and it works wonderfully but you have to stand there constantly so when they pull back you walk up and pull the rope back through (it's a very long rope so you they don't learn to pull back and pull it out of the tie ring) the only thing is the bottom of the rope is in a pile where their feet are and I'm always watching to make sure they're not getting tangled up in it. The tire method, I'm still standing there watching (we don't leave ours alone)but no rope, it's nice.

Andrea said...

So neat to see her follow you around and around! Such a good girl. It's so great that you two have such a wonderful bond. Her mane is great too! Such a pretty silver color.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Indigo is gorgeous! The two of you reminded me of a Merry Go Round on the Silo foundation. hehe!

She is such a sweetie :)
The kitties are so cute, too. I have a tuxedo kitty. His name is Oreo. He only likes attention when he wants it. He can be grouchy. hehe!


Sydney said...

She is. She cracks me up. Ever since my dad was leading her around to eat out of the hay field the other day she wants to drag me over to it. She gets all excited and trots ahead a few paces.

We have a lot of kitties. I swear the cheaper cat food you get they put hormones in it to make the cats reproduce twice as fast so you have to keep buying the cheap cat food.

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