Monday, April 6, 2009


Oh dear. Aren'tcha glad you don't have this problem. Ok maybe you do but once again duct tape solves all the worlds problems.

Erm, happy Monday?

On another note I need some horse tail hair. I have a project idea I want to do with the month of April off but I fear my horses are going to go bald in the tail department before too long. So I am offering this, because it is an artistic experiment of sorts for a VERY reduced price. I want to make a western browband, you know the v-knot ones like this browband
out of horse hair. I have horse hair but it's for other things like two hat bands needing to get done, a bracelet and a necklace but I really want to make a browband. I would need a minimum of 18 inches TAIL hair (mane is too fine but makes good tassels) about as big around as your thumb, maybe a bit bigger. I always send any unused hair back or I would be swimming in it. I usually pick from several different horses. Different colours would be cool too!. It will have two silver conchos where the browband attaches to the headstall and tassles in the front. Completely out of horse hair.

If you are interested drop me a message here and we can discuss price, how much horse hair, how to collect it and the size of your horse. Check out my Gallery . Unfortunately I only really have jewlery up there. I do hatbands, belts or anything someone can think of I'll give it a whack.

Amazing deal since most braiders and hitchers charge 200$ and up for custom work. Won't even cost you 50$ so long as you promise to take some pics for me after on your horse ;).


The Wife said...

Oh, that's just wrong! Poor duct tape!

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in *getting* a browband, but I'd be happy to donate hair. Black. 18 inches easy. My horses are blessed with lovely tails.

let me know.

Sydney said...

I do things other than browbands if you are interested in some of those. Check out my gallery and I can quote you a price. Blog readers get a special discount ;)

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