Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring!! It's here

And the horses are feeling it. They are goofy and hyper heat.

One who owns a mare can never forget the acrid smell and exact moment their horse goes into heat. Everyone within sniffing distance knows and everyone else that comes in contact with you after you have groomed or mucked the horses stall sure knows.

I got peed on several times. Naigen was famous for peeing on her back legs and tail since her tail bone was broken at some point. She couldn't quite lift it up long enough to avoid peeing on it. I would wash her and everyone knows what a hot day + mare urine + a hose and a bucket smells like. It usually gets on your clothes and that is all you can smell for the rest of the day. Gross.

Today I went to pick up Indigo's back foot. Shes really good about her feet but for some reason she did not want to pick it up and hold it there. She flailed it and then slammed it back down, I smacked her hard on the rump, went to pick it up again and voila! She peed, almost right on top of my head instantly.

arrrggggggg, mare!!! You are so damn lucky

So I had a sneaking suspicion she was going to be horrible to work with. She can be moody sometimes.

But she was great! I didn't even longe her beforehand. She got a little suspicious of some straw bales laying in the lane where the water usually washes out but other than that she was awesome. I totally suspected her to pull some of her spook and run bullcrap she tries when she is feeling good but she only sped off for about 4 strides and was back to a walk. Darn those scary stray bales.

Isn't that funny how bad they can be when you expect them to be good and how good they are when you think they are gonna be a handful?

Anyone got any good spring fever stories?

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