Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's scary out there!!

Ok so the economy is starting to hit close to home.

My dad worked at Chrysler's for 35ish years. He deserved his pension. He helped create the local 444 union and was even union rep a few years. He retired about 5 or 6 years ago.
Today him and a good old work buddy are heading to Toronto for a demonstration on why the government should loan the money to them.

What about the 80 year old men that have worked, got their pension? They can't go back to work.

My dad in his mid 50's is still young enough to still work and he does on the side. He can only make so much so he works for the township with his tractor cutting lots that people own that they don't cut. He enjoys it and often comes back looking like swamp thing when the fish flies come around. Fish flies are a whole nother post.

The thing is, if Chrysler's goes down, GM is close to follow. Then Fords. Around here that is a BIG percentage of workers, especially ones over 30. My sisters husband has 14 years in at Chrysler's and he got his permanent lay off notice for June 1st. He is still young enough that hes applying to be an RCMP (royal canadian mounted police, just not on horseback lol hes too city boi for that).

No ones gonna have money to shop at wal-mart or the mall. No ones gonna be able to go to the movies. It's a very scary thing.

I hope the government re-considers and realizes the auto workers are such a big population around here and what it will affect.

So, has the economy hit close to home where you are at? What are you gonna do about it?


The Wife said...

It's a scary deal indeed. We are trying to make ends meet on one income right now since the husband was laid off. Hopefully, he will find something soon. We've cut back and are really watching what we spend now.

Sydney said...

Youch, thats scary.

I guess they say it'll be 2011 before it's getting back to normal :s

Paint Girl said...

I am going to be posting in a couple days about how this is going to effect me. It is not good. It is very scary these days!

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