Friday, April 24, 2009

Pretty boy

Ok so I have a post lined up about my recent adventures in driving Indigo but I can't figure (go figure the computer wiz is stumped for once) how to convert .MOV files into workable, watchable video files. Any suggestions? Does windows movie maker do it?

Anyway. I have to take care of this handsome boy for the past few days. His owner takes very good care of him and he is a very happy, nickery horse. She'll be back tomorrow.

Who can guess his age? There may be prizes in store ;D


The Wife said...

He's a very pretty boy. I would say 10, no older, maybe, ummmm, can I get a hot or cold?? I'm so bad at guessing!

Oh and the .MOV file thing....don't have a clue about that either!

I am no help at all, huh!

Sydney said...

cold, cold, cold lol ;P

The Wife said...

Figures...okay I'll go with 2. I'm thinking if I make enough guesses I may luck out!

Sydney said...

Still really, really cold.

The Wife said...

Lordy be, I'll never get it. How 'bout 20!

Sydney said...

Still cold, but getting warmer.

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