Friday, April 10, 2009

Interesting day

I got up at 7:30am this morning. I just now sat down. It's 10:20 pm eastern time.

Once I was done at work I went out to see Indigo. I walk into the barn and hear this forlorn mewing of a very young kitten. I assume it was in the hayloft.

mew, mew, mew, mew, mew goes the kitten. No kitten up there. I look out a spot where a board was missing and sure enough right below me in the barnyard a very young kitten.

I climb down and over the fence. The kitten appears to be a day old I assumed. It was a cute little calico meowing so pitifully as they often do when they can't find mum.

I picked it up and stroked it's soft little fur. Poor little guy was so cold and soo, sooooo young.
I walked over to the calf barn. I couldn't see mum being too far.

Sure enough in the straw lay fluffers, two more kittens at her side, all licked clean and warm. I put the little lost kitty with her but she couldn't stay there for someone came to investigate why I had a gate out and why I was sitting on it.

Why hello thar.
Feeds me!

I shooed her away and in the blink of an eye a fourth kitten was born. A cute little tortoise. Now there are two calico, a silver tabby and a tortoise kitty. Maybe she will have more when I go out tomorrow morning to feed.

What a good mum Fluffers is. She is probably about five this year.

I put the gate in front of the door so Sheba wouldn't step on her. I went out to work Indigo.

She lost a little weight in the winter so I put her on some cracked corn. Boy was she gassed up today and raring to go. I couldn't use the round pen because it was too slippery still so I started to longe her in the hay field. She started out at a nice trot. I made her change directions a few times then a cat came sauntering out from an old tree stump. She gathered herself up and went zooming around at a really fast canter, fuled by a very auditable fart. I hollered at her and she came down to a nice extended trot then burst off again, zooming around like a maniac.

And I was going to drive this crazy horse today!? What was I thinking.

I took her for a little walk then we longed in the other hay field. She pulled another fart and gallop around like a maniac stint. After she got over that we went for a walk along the road in the field. She honestly, is the most observant horse. She looks at everything. I used to joke she had a fishtail head. She is always looking left and right and every other way when I ride her. It showed. She would get behind me walking but I would make a clicking noise and she would trot up to my shoulder. What a good girl!

I just thought about that. If my horse can walk on a slack lead (I mean it was slack today, she could have stopped to eat if she wanted) why can't I make my dog walk beside me!? I guess thats why I train horses and not dogs. Just my dog, she a pain in the ass. I mean she knows how to heel. She will do it, until something catches her attention which on average happenes ever 5 to 10 seconds.

Anyway I walked over to where the big paddock and hay field meet and longed her again. She was huffin and puffin but she was good. She only tried to zoom around once or twice more which was stopped by a good tug and growl on the line. I had an audience too. All the horses came cantering over and stood at the fence when they seen her running around. Silly horsies.

Oh and before I go, happy easter from the wabbit!

"Gawd I hates you!"


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That was an interesting day. Those kittens have amazing markings and I love the balloon bunny ears. I was hoping to do more research on the bitless front this weekend, but I have to work. Can you believe it? What kind of boss makes his employees work over Easter? Anyway, I'll probably be contacting you in the future.

Paint Girl said...

Awwww! Baby kitty's! They are so darn cute!
My Arab Brandy does the same thing, always has her head swinging from side to side. She's always looking for something to spook at, something as little as a moth or a dandelion will make her jump!

Pony Girl said...

Those kittens are so cute. I'm glad you found the little lost one and returned her to Fluffers. When I was a teen, the barn cat at the barn I worked at would have kittens in the hay loft and they would fall into the horse stalls and often get trampled. SO sad. I hated that! :(
Silly horsey all full of farts! :) I like you Easter Puppy! Have a great one!

Sydney said...

Nuzz- Check out our bitless yahoo group and soon to be international association.
The members there are EXTREMELY helpful. I can probably loan you a bridle to try if you like though in the future.

Paint girl- It's gotta be an arab thing! Does she do the tele-spook too? Like they are standing in one spot and spook and teleport 60 feet away and you have no clue how the hell you just got there?

Pony girl- I've had to do things no young 12 year old girl should have. Put some sad little inbred barn cats out of their misery. I'll spare the gorey details on how it was done.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Too funny the wabbit! Happy Belated Easter to you.

Horses full of farts. lol! What a day you had. Silly mare. My girl can get like that, too...but mostly she's lazy...which makes me forget she's got it in her to telespook. That's why I've been laid up for 4 months now. gah!


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