Monday, April 27, 2009

I brokd my sniffer

Yup. Face re-arranged by a horse. Like I say. It's not about if you are going to get hurt when working around horses. It's when and how bad.

These horses were at a barn before where the stall doors were just opened and they were allowed to gallop out.
They didn't like being lead. They expected to just be allowed to gallop out and away. I opened the stall door, stepped in, put the halter on and went to snap it up and BAM! horse head to face. I didn't even see it coming. Damn

What I did feel was my nose move across my face. Yup.
I said a few words. Ok more than a few words. Blood was coming out of my nose like a faucet. I was holding my nose, which was then crooked at an odd angle.

I shut the stall door, ran to the front isle, cracked my nose back into place and sopped up the blood with a box of kleenax. My boss' husband laughed. He said they couldn't do much for a nose. He was a nurse for a big number of years.
Everyone else stood around with their mouthes open, wide eyed.

I then did 8 stalls there, went into town for some more kleenax, a bandaid and ice pack and did the rest of my barns.

I got a nasty scrape on my nose that would not stop bleeding. I would be talking to someone and see a big drip out of the corner of my eye.

After that I went home and my mom totally wigged out. "your gonna get a blood clot in your nose and die in your sleep then I would never forgive myself!!" so, even though I had been driving all day my dad made my mom drive me to the clinic where the doctor that never shows any emotion laughed at me. The nurse laughed at me and writes on my medical file: headbutted in the face by a horse. Put own nose back in place. Scrape on nose

Everyone laughed at me.

I have pictures, I ain't putting them on here. It ain't as bad as I thought it would be. It isn't terribly swollen.

They took x-rays and my doctor came in and said "well it's broke and I don't think you needed the x-rays to tell you that" Referred me to a specialist. Oh I am going to just die if they have to do surgery on it.

I've started to do henna tattoos. I got a job in the mall hopefully we can work out hours that are riding and driving and stall cleaning friendly. Those pics are for another post.

So this monday goes out to the saying: Cowgirl up.


Paint Girl said...

Ouch! That sounds like that would hurt! I have never had that happen before!

Sydney said...

Neither have I. I hope this will be a one time deal for sure @___@

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness!! That is horrible!! Your poor nose!! I have been headbutted before but it always was on the side of my head. Never my nose. I could only imagine how much your eyes were watering!! Ouch!!

The Wife said...

My eyes were watering just reading the story! You're one tough broad.

Sydney said...

lol I try.

I guess I might have to have re constructive surgery though.

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