Friday, April 17, 2009

Funny Friday- Whats wrong with this picture?

Who can spot it?


Pony Girl said...

The soda pop on your horse's hiney! ;) Or maybe it's on the fencepost and perfectly placed for the photo?
Happy Friday!

The Wife said...

I was going to say her mouth's not open! ;o)

She seems to be a rather good drink holder.

Sydney said...

Hahah, I think the wife got that one!

She is making chewing motions though.

She is also very balanced because that iced tea there did not fall off her, even after she wandered half way around the round pen eating grass with it on her butt.

I often put brushes there when I do her tail.

Paint Girl said...

It took me a second than noticed the pop on butt! Funny!

Andrea said...

Talk about some talent!! She defiantly doesn't need any chiro work back there!! Very even!! Now you know you have a nice cup holder for trail rides!! LOL

Sydney said...

She has always been a very even, sound horse *knock on wood*

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