Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just in case the last post hasn't enticed you to want jewelry out of horse hair here is my latest creation. Into the wee hours of last night I worked.... ok only till midnight :P

This is from the tail hair of the big golden bear

I had the seed beads from a wile back. I love their colour. It reminds me of Dallas' buckskin coat.

Some FAQ's about horse hair jewlery.

Horse hair is very strong. Especially when braided. It does not break or unravel and feels almost like fishing line.

I use tail hair for all my creations in exception to mane hair for tassles.

Any number of horses can be added into the creation. I have one flat braid bracelet that a woman sent me 14 different horses hair! It was an interesting rainbow of hair colours.

Hair can be dyed. So if you have white or light coloured hair I can dye it any colour you like.

Horse hair jewelry's worst enemy is abrasion. Worst case is you catch the jewelry on something and break a hair. Just take a pair of toe nail clippers and clip the loose hair as close to the others as possible.

If you treat it right it'll last you many, many years. I have some horse hair jewlery that was given to me as a kid that is over 50 years old! It looks brand new.

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