Thursday, April 30, 2009

Henna, it's fun!

Note on the nose: I believe I re-broke it. My mom and I were fooling around and she forgot and accidentally smacked me in the nose. It cracked real loud and bled everywhere. Hurt more than the first time I actually broke it. Ugh.

Henna is a very old art form.

I like it a lot. I got offered a job by a lady at the mall to do henna tattoos at a new booth! FUN!

I don't think I have mentioned but I do professional face painting. I have probably painted a few thousand faces in a few years. I use a paintbrush and non toxic (for the skin, not ingestible like the cheap dollar store paints) theater quality face paints.

My own face, halloween 08. I can't believe I fit all that hair under that bright orange wig. I also make a big ass out of myself on a regular basis as you can see. Keeps you on your toes.

Anyway, what I am getting at. Henna. I have done both my feet, a lizard on my left ankle a few flowers on my sister and friends and it's a ton of fun.

A swirly thing that was fun. It's on my calf.Here are some facts:

Henna that is being applied to your skin should be kahki green to dark brown.

It should smell earthy, almost like grass or herbs.

After it has dried it should die your skin an orangy brown to chocolate brown.

It should last a week or two, sometimes more in certain areas with thicker skin like the bottoms of your feet and palms of your hands.

IT IS NEVER BLACK. Not when applying it, not when it's dried and you peel it off. Black "henna" is bad. It's also known as PPD which is basically hair dye. It can burn you, hurt you and has chemicals in it that are not good for skin. Even if the person says it's ok to use on skin don't get it. It's not natural.
PPD/hair dye is a sensitizer that a good population of people are allergic to. My mom says that a lot of hairdressers are allergic to hair dye because they use it all the time so they have to wear gloves. It can become as extreme as being allergic to black dyed clothing.

Henna is made from the leaves of the henna plant, it's not black, ever unless enhanced by chemicals.

For more information check out Henna page


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

YOu goofy gal. I like that! hehe!
And what talent you have, too.

I've done henna on myself and some friends, too. It's not easy to apply and can easily get gloppy and blobby. Takes some real talent to make it look elegant and swirly.
You do good work, my friend!

And the face painting, too.


Sydney said...


Theres a few techniques to it.
First of all when it gets gloppy and blobby that means you need to screen your henna. I use a leg of panty hose and sift the henna through it. You would be surprised how much smoother it works when you do that.

Secondly adding some sort of sugar after you have made your mixture which makes it stringy (fructose is my favorite) makes it easier to apply and it does not crack as much or break per inch so designs go on that much faster and neater.

If you want a darker design I found wrapping it in toilet paper then saran wrap makes the henna stain very dark and in a fraction of the time because of the moisture and warmth. You can also use a kettle and steam. It also does not crack so you don't get the mottled effect that can make a gorgeous piece turn out ugly.

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