Friday, April 17, 2009

I forgot to add

Indigo is the most non-dramatic horse on the face of the earth.

I don't get my vet to do shots, I buy shots and give them myself. My horses trust me a lot and give me a lot less fuss than they do for the vet. That and it's always at least a few hundred dollars cheaper. However I do get him to do teeth. I get teeth done twice a year. I also ride bitless. Why twice a year you ask? Because I could do them once a year but by the time you may get them done once a year the horse may have difficulties eating. Sure they may not be noticeable but it would be kinda like having a cavity and only being allowed to go to the dentists once a year. You can sit in silent agony and wait. I would rather maintain them before they get sharp points or ripples or ridges because of a once year floating.

Anyway thats not the point of this post.
Indigo. I drove her, brought her back into the barn to tend to an old wound from last spring and give her her shot. It's a 5 in 1. It's got west nile, tetanus, influenza....erm I forget what else but she still needs her rabies. One tiny little shot, 65$. Ah what we do for our horses.
I thump on her neck a few times, she doesn't flinch, I take the cap off the needle, she doesn't back away, I poke it into her, she doesn't even blink, I depress it and no drama whatsoever! Shes like the bestest, best of best girl ever!! You would have thought I was petting her neck rather than poking her with stabby objects. Silly girl. Oh how I love her.

Naigen on the other hand, for as bombproof as that little lady was it took a friend to pin her against the wall and me to as quickly as possible jab her and let her go before she had a total panic attack. She seen that needle coming and would try and avoid you with all he had.

The morgans, well they are all good but Suzy, whom puts on a huge dramatic show and acts like you are going to murder her with a chainsaw or something.

The pony is kind of indifferent. He doesn't act like a fool but he jumps away when you poke him with the needle.

Atta' girl Indigo. Show them needle weenies how it's done.

On another note I seem to have lost my camera cord. I can upload pictures, but I can't take any new ones cause I can't charge the battery.

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Paint Girl said...

I use to give my horses their shots too. They didn't care either, no flinch, nothin'. If only they were all that easy! My sis's Appy will not tolerate a needle, very difficult, have to have vet out, we can't even get a twitch on him.

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